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You may want to hire an attorney to represent you during the arbitration or mediation proceedings to provide direction and advice. If you cannot afford an attorney, some law schools provide legal representation through securities arbitration clinics. These services require modest filing fees depending on the size of the claim.

Stock Loss Lawyer

When a person is a fiduciary, higher standards are imposed on him than average. If you find your broker has been trading in violation of the basic rules of your account and if you lose money as a result of that, you have the right to file a lawsuit. One such glaring example is the Principle Protected Note (“PPN”) . By the name alone, a reasonable investor would understand that the principal was somehow protected and guaranteed. In reality, many firms marketing materials on the product misled brokers into promising that to investors.


Non-traded REITs often pay 10% or more in commission to the salesmen and charge ongoing marketing expenses as high as 2-3%. As a result, the non-traded REIT will have to return as much as 12-13% to simply break even. In times of market crisis, similar to what we are now experiencing, most preferred securities act more like common stock than fixed income. As a result, preferred securities miss the upward price appreciation that common stocks enjoy but are exposed to the downward declines. These investments that are traditionally thought of as income-producing vehicles have lost significant value, performing far below their income generating alternatives. A financial advisor violates his or her fiduciary duty to a client and acts against the client’s wishes or best interest if the advice or recommendation provided does not meet the investor’s specific needs.

What is a class period in a securities case and how is the class period determined?

Investors in non-traded REITs who seek to sell their shares before the term of the investment must either resell their shares to the sponsor or sell in an inefficient secondary market, usually at severe discounts. Because non-traded REIT shares do not trade in an open market and are rarely the subject of analyst reports, investors depend on the disclosures made by the sponsor for information about the value of the REIT’s shares. Non-traded REITS are typicaly illiquid, expensive, and underperform their traded counterparts.

Types of Securities and Investment Fraud

Over 75% of this fund is invested in Puerto Rico government bonds. At Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter we have a lot of experience representing victims of annuities fraud. avaulta mesh lawsuit can help you assess your situation and determine what would be the best step to take next. Investors don’t always do so well, as the funds aren’t liquid, so there’s a large fee for withdrawing any, and for an elderly person who may have sudden high healthcare costs, this can be a severe blow.

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